Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sex & London City Online Magazine 2013

Well hello you lot!  My old faithful blogspot readers...how I do miss you on the new 'online magazine' side of life.  In case you haven't caught up yet, Sex & London City has been redesigned and taken off in flight, from a blog to an online magazine.  We've got a whole host of new features now including an interactive calender of forthcoming events, the 'Little Pink Book' of the best places to go out, 'Shop in Your Slippers', Nixalina's favourite other blogs to read 'Nixalina's Hearts', 'Man About Town' and of course the new Menswear section 'The Y Chromosome'.  It's pretty awesome (are we allowed to say that without sounding cocky?  Sod it..we've said it).  With all the old faithful articles on Fashion, Beauty, Trends, Events and Sex & Love still there, you can now sieve through your favourite sections via the easy navigation bar.  We love it and we'd like you all to come over to the brighter-less-pink side of life and join us...


With a HUGE thank you to CleverInk who designed the brand spanking new site, it's awesome and so are they! If you need some design work done online, hit these guys up on our recommendation. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Work-Men Under Construction *wolf whistles*

Okay so there are no hunky work men labouring away 'under construction' here (more's the pity) but there is something that IS under construction - Sex and London City!  My baby is all grown up and getting a new look to match the success it's had over the last two years.  Moving more into the online magazine format, Sex & London City will still showcase all the old favourite articles but has so many more new features for you!  It has become the one-stop guide any girl needs and I am SO EXCITED to show it off soon because it's been a very long project but worth every moment.

Ready to go live hopefully within a few weeks, I've made the decision to stop posting articles now on here as I simply can't keep up with updating both.  I am a woman on the edge... a woman one step away from a straight jacket!  I haven't set a date for the live launch because I don't know yet exactly when it is ready but I know it won't be long at all! 

So until then, my lovelies, here's a wonderful photo to keep you engaged and I hope you all tune in to the new site!

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Iconic women's accessories brand Lemonade (loved by the TOWIE stars) have wrote a wonderful testimonial feature on their blog discussing Nixalina's success within the media and fashion industry.  

To read the full article click here.

Lulu Guinness Launches Watch Collection

I LOVE Lulu Guinness.  I love love love her.  I love everything that she stands for, everything she creates and I love how she totally gets 'femininity'.  For someone like me who loves a good ol' nod towards the more classical 1950's 'woman' with pearls and ruby red lipstick, she is so on-point it hurts. So you can imagine I got a little over-excited when I find out she's launched a whole new range of watches; to complete her jewellery and accessories collections.  A quick spy at the time pieces and they're everything I expected from her and more.  With creative use of her iconic lips, lipstick and cameo motifs they are serious arm candy any fashionista should aim to own.

Available online and in stores now, here's some of Sex & London City's firm favourites:

Black Leather Double Strap Watch £160

Red Quilted Lips Watch £160

Black Lulu Cameo Watch £150
Black and Red Leather Lipstick Watch £150

Rose Gold Bracelet Watch £195

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hey DJ...turn it up

I have been hitting this tune pre & post the Christmas classics invasion, and I am happily tuning in as we speak!  Not originally a big fan of Taylor Swift but the more she releases the more I like her and this is my firm favourite.  It touches a nerve, especially the monologue she delivers before and after the track.  It's very 'Twilight' with the dramatic non-diegetic soundtrack and the softly spoken words over the top. And it's so true - most of us get caught up with someone like this, who scars us in some way or another forever, but we never really see the damage caused until it's too late. Massive thumbs up from me, here's Taylor Swift with I Knew You Were Trouble.

"I don't know if you know who you are until you lose who you are"

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Sex & London City Guide to Ann Summer's Sex Toys

As you've previously read, Sex & London City are joyfully collaborating with the lingerie and adult store giants Ann Summers.  An obvious association considering they provide the tools for fun that S&LC 100% promotes. As far as we're concerned, feeling sexy, naughty and wanting to have a little fun should be something to endorse, not shy away from with embarrassment.  Let's put it out there - everyone has sex! Sex sex sex.  It's saturated in our media, our relationships...everything is about sex.  Okay maybe not everything - broccoli isn't about sex, it's just about being broccoli. 

So let's get down to it.  Remember when you were 15 and first entered Ann Summers, but ran out giggling 5 minutes later because all those things on the wall scared the crap out of you?  Yeah...me too!  Fast forward 10 years and aside from the 'rampant rabbit' I'm still a bit hazy on what the more complex looking toys achieve.  Those balls things - do you use them alone?  With a partner?  Where the fuck do you put them?  And why has that vibrator got two ends?  All these questions hopefully will be answered for you now in the Sex and London City Guide to the popular items from the Ann Summers sex toy range.

The Rampant Rabbit

Ann Summers are famous for their introduction of the Rampant Rabbit - in fact after the Sex and the City episode in which Miranda introduces Charlotte to the rabbit thus leaving Charlotte hooked to her sex toy, Ann Summer stores couldn't stock their shelves fast enough to meet the demand of all these orgasm seeking ladies!  With a vast expansion from the original, there are so many options to choose I simply couldn't state them all, so click here for a guide to picking your own.  I recommend the rechargeable one as there is no need for batteries and the silicon ones because they feel much better.  This toy is a standard; it's a vibrating dildo with rabbit ears for clit stimulation. Lie back and think of England and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it!

Jiggle Balls

Jiggle Balls aka Love Eggs are two delightful balls attached together that you put inside (where-ever you want them if you get my drift) throughout the day and purport to build up sensation slowly so that when you get home... POW one huge epic orgasm!  They're discreet so no-one will know you're wearing them and have a handy pull loop so they're easy to remove.  They're also great for toning up those pelvic muscles and keeping everything 'tight' which makes the pleasure much much better.

Rabbit Just the Ears

This little gem is a handy device for quick clit stimulation.  Taking just the ears from the iconic rampant rabbit and turning it into a hand held device on its own is genius!  If you prefer just vibrations for the outside then this is the toy for you.  With various vibrating settings that are almost noise-less and it's hand-bag size I give this one a big thumbs up.

Couples Massagar - Lelo Tiani 2

A rather impressive piece of equipment, the Lelo Tiani 2 is designed to give both parties pleasure during sex. Both parts vibrate giving stimulations all over the joint; the U shaped vibe goes inside a girl and can remain there during sex, vibrating as accordance with the disk which controls the strength of the vibrations just by being moved around!  So, move the disk closer to the U shaped vibe and the vibrations get stronger, move it further away and it slows down.  So he can tease you both by controlling the disk and thus controlling the level you're reaching too. Genius.

Anal Beads

These particular anal beads are for beginners and a great introduction to anal play.  Stimulation of the anal area is renowned for heightening orgasms and these beads are designed to do that.  You put them in and can leave them in completely during sex or remove them just as you're about to orgasm and apparently they make it 10x better.  For both dudes and dolls too, which is nice.

Cock Ring

It's not just girls that get the fun and games, oh no!  Ann Summers have created a rampant rabbit cock ring for men too!  With 3 speeds and 4 pulsating settings this sits snugly at the base and provides pleasure for both her and him.  It can be used during sex or solo for him too, and purports to keep him harder for longer. Wonderful!

Party in My Pants

Unlike the others mentioned, the Party in My Pants vibrator doesn't actually go 'in' anywhere, but sits in the front of your knickers and is remote controlled.  If you've ever watched 'The Ugly Truth' you'll get the idea - but all you do is pop it into your undies and the remote offers 4 different vibrating settings, one pulse mode and 3 intensities.  So, you can discreetly have a little fun while you're on the move or even give the remote to someone else to play with for a surprise coming your way!

Best Dressed 2012

Most publications enjoy sticking their two-pennys worth in about what people wore and who wore what best, so in light of the traditional fashion flashback, Sex and London City is giving out our own Best Dressed Male/Female 2012 awards, conducted by our delightfully stylish and fashionably insightful Divalina.

Best Dressed 2012- Men’s Categories. 

The Star 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

Joseph has been on my radar for years. His style is evolving along with his acting chops. Hands down my best dressed man of 2012! He just gets it. 

The Street Stylist 

Justin Theroux 

It’s like he never takes a day off from “Style”. He even looks good doing the weekly grocery run! This is a great example of a man who knows his style and works it for all to see. Take note boys. 

The Most Improved 

Tom Hardy

I’ve been a fan of Tom Hardy since he was in Star Trek: Nemesis (geek pride), but the boy had a serious case of Chavtastic until this year. He has been looking 100% on point at his various public appearances in 2012. Long may it continue! 

The Breakout Star 

Bruno Mars

Gone is the 1950’s Little Richard styling and here, at last, is Bruno Mars the Grown Man. I am LIVING for this BoHo Rocker style he is sporting of late….This is Style with BALLS. 

Fashion Victim(s) of 2012 

One Direction

These boys are the victims of poor styling, youth and bad judgement. Not that this has held them back. In fact the cookie cutter mix and match is what tween girls love. But as for men’s style, it’s a big fat thumbs down from the Diva. 

Best Dressed 2012- Women’s Categories

The Star 

Emma Stone

What a year she had! It began at the Oscars in Giambattista Valli and ended at the Spiderman Premier in Chanel, with not a foot wrong in between! Definite shining light of 2012! 

The Street Stylist 

Solange Knowles 

This girl has been in BeyoncĂ©s shadow for too long! Finally someone from the House of Dereon that can DRESS! Just feast your eyes on these delectable delights. 

The Most Improved 

Kristen Stewart

She used to look like she slept in a public toilet…and now she is the face of Balenciaga! What a difference a Stylist can make! All credit to Tara Swennen for polishing this former turd! 

The Breakout Star 

Nicole Scherzinger

OK, so she’s been dressing well for a while now, but 2012 saw this girl firmly placed in the hearts of the British people. Her style star (and interesting hand jewellery) rose from week to week. My two stand-out looks showcase the versatility of this adopted British Rose. One to watch for 2013! 

Fashion Victim of 2012 

Lady GaGa

Oh GaGa…you big crazy bag of shite. I’m all for your positive body messages and your “Born This Way” mantras…but to be honest; we need reinvention sweets….like NOW. Mock shocking us in your outrageous frocks is so 2012.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Lux Emporium

I am a lover of copious different bracelets on one arm; I think it's interesting to have more than one arm candy and the less they match, the better.  So I was delighted when the owner of brand Lux Emporium asked to send me a bracelet, to add to my collection.  Lux Emporium specialises in unique hand crafted bracelets that are sold via Etsy.

"Lux is for Luxury and an Emporium which will provide you with a marketplace of goodies suitable for Christmas, Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, Baby Shower presents, Press event presents, Goody bag fillers or simply a treat for yourself!

The Jewellery is all hand crafted, with a selection of Freshwater Pearl, Friendship, Leather, Semi-precious stones, Silver Plated and String bracelets."

I received a 9mm freshwater pearl and turquoise bracelet which I adore and now wear it aside many others:

The range also includes these beauties too. The black leather bands can be worn by dudes too, I think they look hot on guys but that's just me I guess.:

To shop online click here.

New Year Resolutions - Tips to Keep 'em!

As the last day of the year arrives, we all plan to party HARD tonight and then wake up tomorrow with the expected hangover and the feeling of "Oh, it's 2013, time to be a new 'me'".  New Year resolutions are what everyone talks about on the 1st - a deal, a promise with ourselves to change something for the better.  The main resolutions include:
  • Lose weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop drinking (as much!)
  • Plan something out of your comfort zone, and fulfil it
  • Help others more
  • Save money
  • Change your image
  • Find a soul mate
  • Become vegetarian
I could go on because the list is infinite, but the main point is the fact that we all try alter one thing we dislike about ourselves to try push for a happier future.  It's a lovely sentiment but more often than not after a couple of weeks our resolutions fizzle out when temptations draw in; that pack of cigs end up in the handbag again, or the gym stops being a weekly thing to do because you're just so busy or you tried to save but then got drunk and put your credit card behind the bar!  We all know this feeling very well - pissed off at ourselves but half happy that we can relax again and slip back into our comfortable old ways.  Wouldn't it be nice if, just for once, we DIDN'T give up on resolutions and see it through permanently   That 'clean slate' feeling that the 1st of the New Year brings can last you know.  But you have to really want to change.  

My resolution this year isn't so much amend 'one' big thing, but alter slightly a few.  Having already quit smoking and having already paid and booked a trip to Thailand to go live on an Elephant Sanctuary, I feel like I'm already doing 'good' things and making changes that I'm happy with.  Like many I want to lose the odd pound, or save the odd pound for a flat, or cut out alcohol a bit (we all know I love a glass of champagne at a press event) but these need not be insurmountable things to achieve.

So here's a few handy tips to make resolutions a little less scary and a little more achievable:
  • Don't overwhelm yourself with changes.  Pick the top ones that you really dislike as your contempt for the bad habits will drive you more to keep to the resolution.
  • Pick achievable resolutions. "This year I'll learn to pilot a plane" is a wonderful dream but unless you have a spare £7k for the lessons, perhaps this isn't the best idea.
  • Create a 'mood' board.  One of my uni friends introduced me to this idea; it's a board where you cut out and pin on images, photos, scribbles, tokens, anything that makes you happy from the past and future dreams.  Like, if you REALLY want a husky, or a big home, or you simply want to own THAT handbag - cut out a photo and pin it to your board.  It's there as a tool for you; so it is believed if you look at it everyday and send out positive energy to the universe, you'll get it back. Nice idea huh!
  • Never quit quitting.  This is applicable more to the smoking, alcohol, weight loss and spending resolutions. If you fall off the wagon so bloody what; don't use that as a sign to revert back you need to keep on going.
  • Monitor your success.  Perhaps create a chart to stick onto the wardrobe or write notes in your diary, but monitor how well you do because that alone will spur you to keep going.
  • Try avoid places/people at the very beginning that will mean your vice is shoved into your face - avoiding temptation is the best way to keep to your guns I'm afraid!
  • This may sound stupid but make a resolution for you, not for others.  Peer pressure or family requests will not make a great resolution because you have to want it first and foremost to stick to it.
  • Be patient.  Especially with the smoking, alcohol and weight loss resolutions.  You can't change over-night so patience is required.  It will happen if you stick with it!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Bastards: A Spotters Guide

I have been pseudo psychologist to Nix for a while now. It started as random Skype chats, and has become a routine ritual whenever a date goes badly. I love Nix like the mad bag of crazy she is, and given that I have no desire at all to waft through her lady garden, I have the unique male perspective to see her for all her glorious beauty. During the course of these “sessions” I identified three classic male Archetypes (read Bastards) that sane, successful and educated women (such as Nix) seem to fall for time and again! With this in mind I thought it totes appropes to throw together a “Spotters Guide” to shed some light on these assholes, and hopefully allow you gorgeous goddesses to avoid them like the plague they are. Enjoy! 

The Fisherman 

Characteristics: Smooth, distant, over reliance on appearance, lack of empathy, Mother issues. 

Style: Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein and Hackett. 

The Fisherman is a classic male archetype. He is known to cast his net wide where there is little or no chance of his “catch” being associated. His main aim in life is to validate his lack of character by initiating a “catch and release” programme for his chosen prey. He will appear initially very alluring, almost flaunting his prowess at you until you take the bait. Once caught up in this man’s net he will feed you just enough charm to keep you hooked. Easily bored of his sport, the Fisherman will then throw back his catch…but leave them on a long lure to ensure that, when the mood strikes, he can reel them back in again with ease. Fishermen only ever settle down when their looks start to wane and they become desperate for a mate. Rest assured…once a Fisherman, always a Fisherman. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking you are special, unique or worth more to him than the rest of his pool of ladies. 

The Emotional Vampire (EV) 

Style: Borrowed and adapted for whomever they are feeding off. 

Characteristics: Involved, attentive, seemingly engaged in your needs, quick to say he loves you, male equivalent of a “Drama Queen”, likely to be on Jeremy Kyle at some stage 

The Emotional Vampire (or EV), is the quintessential over compensator. He stalks women who have more baggage than a long haul to Tokyo and exploits their vulnerability to feed his own emotional needs. If there is no baggage from the ladies then he will attempt to create some. Once he has latched onto a source he will bleed it for every last drop of drama he can, before moving on to the next host with his battle scars and tales of “the evil ex”. The more involved you become with the EV the harder it is to break the link. Many EVs have a litter of children that they have collected form each victim, thus ensuring his food source stays linked to him for years to come. The EV has one giveaway that separates him from a true man…he will self-efface and tell elaborate tales about his ex-girlfriends (plural), and how they all used him and how he is the victim, time and time and time again. He is quick to use the L word and almost immediately makes long term plans. Beware of this man. He will never be content in any relationship based on mutual respect. 

The Slick Dick 

Style: Bespoke, Tailored suits. Anything with a Label 

Characteristics: Good job, money (and plenty of it), not the greatest looking…but endless charm and banter, either divorced or has had at least one very long term relationship. 

Beware the charming man. The Slick Dick is not interested in marrying you. He is not interested in making an honest woman of you. You will merely be his plaything for as long as your tits point upwards. He will shower you with tokens and call you a pet name, because remembering your real one implies he gives a fuck. He will work everything to his schedule and never have time for any activity that implies you are an item. Many women fall for this guy’s charm under the impression that he is the “Mr Big” to their “Carrie”…all of these women are wrong. The Slick Dick knows the game better than you, has played it longer, and practically wrote the book on how to be a bastard. Any man that offers gifts over genuine affection is to be kept at arm’s length…or set up on a date with your best “Frenemy”. Not a decent long term prospect. 

The One 

Characteristics: Genuinely loves you. 

That is all that needs to be said about “The One”. He has game and pretence and conceit and pride, yet all of this is put aside for the woman who will become his “Queen”. All men have a marriage meter ladies…and believe me when I say that they also have a biological clock. The difference between men and women is that while women lament and labour the arrival of The One, men simply expect it to happen eventually. A man will know within the first 15 minutes of a date whether or not he is going to marry you. If you make it to minute 16 and he’s still thinking about what your tits would look like on his face, then better luck next time. If you truly want to find this guy then the only advice I have is to be true to yourself. Don’t compromise your morals. Know who you are. Be honest with him at all times and never…NEVER…think that you are his superior. 

So there you have it. Bastards are either keeping you as part of a larger pool, feeding off your fragility or using you as a plaything….but at least you know what to look for in the future!

With love, The Divalina