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Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Sex & London City Single Girl Seminar

Now when you hear the word Seminar, you mind may jump to dreary and dull University halls or a boring office conference room. But this particular Seminar, was far from it. Taking place in the incredibly sophisticated Martini Library at The Arch Hotel, London, I was immediately greeted upon arrival by a cool glass of Prosecco, and an enveloping hug from our Hostess.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Oasis & Snap Fashion LFW Breakfast

Friday morning, Oasis Fashion teamed up with Snap Fashion to offer a London Fashion Week Breakfast to celebrities and bloggers alike, all getting ready to hit the shows. Arriving at the Covent Garden store for 8 30am, I took my friend Dannika with me to enjoy some pastries, yoghurt pots, juices and fruit as we mingled with other LFW morning attendees.

Valentine's Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you may have everything ready to woo her into oblivion. But what if you haven't? What if she's dropped hints like bombs and all you've done is dodge the explosion and carried on with life.  You've got a week left to pull rank and get her a present that says 'I care about you, probably, quite a lot now' or something along those lines. You get the drift. 

Ann Summers Lingerie S/S 2016

Ann Summers have mastered the trend style for lingerie this season with straps, cage bralets and mesh two-pieces, along with their Sexercise range nodding towards the popular work-out underwear. Long gone are the days of heavily underwired and push-up bras that give the super-fake look to our breasts. Now, it's all about the minimal natural hang. 


Keeping Dry in Style: Top 10 Umbrellas

Autumn wouldn't be the same without a bit of glorious rain. Hoards of it in fact. I've spent the last week walking around with a crumpled old umbrella that I found on the tube, which I mistook for a divine signal to not buy one myself. One wet week later that same umbrella was cruelly snatched from my grasp and carried away by the wind. I felt sad for a while; I was umbrella-less in London once again, and that's a risky situation to be in.
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